Put your products onto the screen

We take your products off the shelves and onto the screen in various compelling looks to reveal your products’ true potential. By using your consumer and location analytics, our expert stylists create a virtual presentation of your product featuring multiple fashion possibilities. Based on the analysis, we cast models, influencers, and actors that help us to create striking virtual styles that will help your clients relate to the product that is featured. We help you to persuade people to walk into your store and become a buyer.

  • Expert and advanced styling techniques for your consumers and products
  • Animated intro and outro designs to attract attention to your shopping window
  • Divers fashion styling based on your location and consumer purchase patterns
  • Complete video production and editing

1.0 The new window shopping

Let your potential customers and walk-ins also shop visually through modern LED screens to discover your products’ fullest potential.

  • Virtually showcase one item in a million different looks to be paired with your entire collection
  • Connect your sales-analytics with expert fashion styling to speak to your clients
  • Reveal the full styling potential of your products and its integration in your shoppers existing wardrobe

2.0 Convince with style

VO Style takes your products off the shelves and onto the screen in various compelling looks to reveal your products’ true potential.

  • Apply expert and advanced styling techniques to reveal the full potential of your products
  • Inspire and motivate your in-store shoppers with fresh styling ideas with what you have available
  • Make your shoppers benefit from your best cross-selling combinations including footwear and accessories


3.0 Generate more traffic and sales

Present your content online to stir interest and bring in more traffic and sales from social media.

  • Use adapted videos from your LED screens to strengthen your brand presence and bring in more traffic from your social channels
  • Showcase interactive and dynamic videos to generate more engagement and sales leads
  • Spike your communities’ interest by featuring the full styling potential of your products  

4.0 Cast with purpose

Based on your sales analytics, we cast models, influencers, and actors that represent your existing and desired target groups to create compelling, relatable virtual styles.

  • Create clothing combinations based on your shoppers’ age and gender
  • Address the multiple styling needs of different active age groups
  • Adapt styling and model demographics based on your unique location sales data


5.0 Less pressure, more sales

Let your compelling visual screens and virtual styles work its magic on your shoppers.

  • Put less pressure on your staff and watch your sales skyrocket
  • Impress your specific audience by applying your consumer purchase patterns
  • Receive a virtual presentation of your product featuring multiple styling possibilities 

6.0 Choose eco-friendly styling  

VO Style connects fashion, outstanding styling, and care for the environment into one product. Today, products that are multifunctional and highly usable are the ones becoming truly eco-friendly.

  • Ensure that your buyers make the most of every product they buy
  • Reveal your products’ full potential with expert styling suggestions
  • Promote products that will ultimately last, match, and are designed to fit every occasion

7.0 Engage with newsletters

Keep your communication alive with existing customers by updating them on your latest products and trendy styles.

  • Send out our adapted and advanced virtual styles within your newsletters
  • Speak directly to your audience and keep your communication alive
  • Generate more traffic with your existing client-base from newsletter updates on your latest virtual styles