The story behind VO Style

Who we are

VO Style is a Switzerland-based styling and video production company founded by Olga Voegeli in 2018. Not limited to the local Swiss market, VO Style also brings its exceptional styling expertise to the international market.

VO style exists to design limitless product combinations for you and your shoppers. Take out the guesswork and inspire finalized looks that attract, sell, and make people look great.

Olga’s story / Our story

Olga Voegeli wasn’t always the stylist guru she is today. Along the way, she’s dished out thousands of dollars on clothing that she thought she loved – only to find out she never wore them. There were times where outfits didn’t combine well or match, and she knew it. In the end, new clothes and random outfit matching didn’t make her look good at all. She also realized that she was not alone and that millions also struggle with buying unnecessary clothing and not knowing how to match or wear them every single day. 

After years of formal practice and years of experience working with private clients, Olga has mastered the art of styling challenges to produce endless personalized combinations to make anyone look great and feel confident, comfortable, and like themselves with any line of clothing and products. Her main mission behind VO Style is to help people to discover their own unique styles that will speak for them, create better first impressions, and make the most out of the clothing they decide to buy. This means no more standing in front of the mirror not knowing what to wear or how to combine. Olga showcases the full potential of styling possibilities and products that perfectly match your brand’s demographics and target group.

From defining brand styles and video production to final delivery

  1. Expert styling techniques

                VO Style brings years of professional experience to create endless possibilities when it comes to your products and brand presentation. With just one item, we can present it in various different ways while cross-selling different products to show how your products are worth every penny. We use your consumer data and purchase patterns to create styles that will develop your clients’ expertise and your audience can relate to.

  1. The full package

    Not only do we style, but we also come with quality video production, editing, animation, and marketing data analysis to connect your marketing initiatives with outstanding new content and styles. With VO Style, you don’t need an entire agency. From concept to video production, our team does everything in-house for your brand to show how even one item can be repurposed into endless styles and is worth the investment.

  2. Sustainable fashion
    VO Style helps brands reveal their products’ full potential with expert styling techniques so shoppers can enjoy their purchases any day of the week and for every occasion. With just one item, it can be styled in multiple different ways to convince shoppers it’s worth the investment. Long-lasting product satisfaction and the ability to apply products into your shoppers’ everyday routines will help you build trust and loyalty. VO Style promotes conscious consumption for your customers.
  3. Share endless creative styles

    Based on your consumer analytics, we’ll present your brand’s favorite products in infinite different ways to speak directly to your audience. With just one item, we cross-sell it with other products in endless new looks to emphasize the styling possibilities. Not only this, but we provide quality images, animations, and videos that you can easily share across all your social channels to drive traffic, sales, and engagement